About GreenPolly

GreenPolly is a line of products for retail and industry, with a keen focus on being green and environmentally friendly. The GreenPolly products are developed for waste management and household and gives you the opportunity to choose a green path in your household or company. Our bags and liners for waste management are made from green polyethylene – also called green plastic. Green polyethylene is produced from sugar canes from Brazil and is in contrast to regular PE (produced by ethane from the oil industry) far more environmentally friendly. Sugarcane captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production, helping to reduce greenhouse gases, which means that the raw material used to produce green polyethylene is completely CO2 neutral. Green polyethylene, produced from ethanol from sugarcane, is made from renewable raw materials. The traditional polyethylene uses fossil sourced raw material such as oil. All products normally produced in traditional polyethylene can be produced in green polyethylene. Green polyethylene has the same properties, performance and quality as polyethylene from fossil origin, it is just far less harmful to our environment and is reducing the greenhouse effect. Our products can be a mixture of green polyethylene and recycled plastic or of 100% green polyethylene. The distribution depends on what quality is required. On our packaging you can always see how much green polyethylene the product contains. Post-Consumer-Plastic PCR comes from plastic films that have been used, recovered, and recycled into new products that can be used again. We try to avoid adding more virgin polyethylene to the world by diverting ‘waste’ from landfills and incineration. Most of the GreenPolly products are made of a mixture of green polyethylene and recycled plastic, but we will also include other products that makes sense when it comes to recycling such as aluminum foil made of recycled aluminum. We will continuingly expand the range of Green Polly products in collaboration with our customers and follow the development and inventiveness in green and responsible products.



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