Why use green polyethylene?

Why is Green Polyethylene Important when it comes to the Environment?

Most disposable plastic bags and other types of packing and plastic containers are made from petroleum-based polyethylene, which is a non-renewable and scarce recourse. The manufacturing of these plastic products emits CO2, a greenhouse gas that contributes to pollution and global warming.

Plastic is a very strong and practical material and without it, a lot of things in our every-day lives would be more inconvenient. But plastic is made of oil, and oil is as earlier said a non-renewable resource. Fortunately, there are new green alternatives that can replace traditional plastic.

Green polyethylene has the same characteristics as traditional polyethylene, but is made of a renewable raw material, that is derived from sugar cane. Plastic products under the GreenPolly brand are all made of either 100% green polyethylene or a mixture of recycled plastic and green polyethylene. All products made of green polyethylene have the same properties as products in traditional plastic.

It is promising and positive for the future environment to use oil from plants when manufacturing plastics, because sugar cane consume CO2 while growing. That is why the raw material for green polyethylene is CO2 negative.

Today traditional polyethylene is the most common plastic used for bags, sacks, bottles etc. The advantage of green polyethylene compared to regular plastic is a significant reduction of CO2 into the atmosphere. The raw material for green polyethylene is, in fact, completely CO2 negative.

What are the Benefits of Green Polyethylene?

Rather than being manufactured from non-renewable oil or natural gas reserves, products can be made from sugar cane. That makes the products environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Sugar cane consumes more CO2 to grow than it emits during the manufacturing process. This means that sugar cane as a raw material does not contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
  • Sugarcane is a renewable and sustainable crop that can be harvested without damaging the environment.

What Can Be Made with Green Polyethylene?

All plastic products in traditional polyethylene can be made of green polyethylene. Green Polyethylene has the exact same properties, same usability, and versatility as traditional polyethylene. The important part is, that plastic products in green polyethylene are far less harmful to our environment when they are manufactured. You can still enjoy the convenience of disposable waste bags, waste sacks and other plastic products and at the same time take care of the environment. Be aware to buy products made of green polyethylene and sort your plastic products with plastic waste, so they are recycled. 


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