GreenPolly disposable aprons on roll

Transparent disposable aprons made of green polyethylene. The aprons are on a roll in a box, so it is easy to take out one apron without wrinkling the remaining aprons.

The aprons are made of green polyethylene that contains more than 70% renewable raw materials. Green polyethylene is made from sugar cane, which is a renewable raw material. Sugar cane is a natural and sustainable resource, because it consumes more CO2 to grow than it emits during the manufacturing process. This means that this raw material is CO2 negative and lessens the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Article no.: 162010
Size: 800 x 1250 mm
Thickness: 23 my
Colour: Transparent
Aprons per roll: 50
Rolls per carton: 8
Cartons per pallet: 48
Mix: Green polyethylene

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